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We Take Great Pride In Our Golden Retrievers! 

We are a small breeder located in rural south-central Iowa.  

Our goal is to provide sound healthy golden retrievers, with happy dispositions, to loving homes. Our dogs and puppies are very special to us and it is our hope that they will bring you many years of joy and happiness.

We go the extra mile before any breeding takes place and have all of our prospective parents fully certified by leading organizations to help insure quality in the breed. ( ) This includes hips and elbows through OFA., C.E.R.F. Registry for eye examinations by board certified veterinarians, and SAS examinations to insure the parents are free of any cardiac defects. (

All of our puppies are whelped, raised, and cared for in our home. We feel that it is important for the puppies’ mental health to start introducing them to new sounds and smells while they are young. To do this, when weather permits, we start small by introducing them to grass and dirt, and slowly letting them outside for short play times during the day. If there is snow on the ground, the pups will go out for supervised playtime. Since the puppies are in our home, we go about our daily activities, getting them used to normal everyday noises, such as vacuuming, rattling pots and pans, and hair dryers, to name a few. We feel this helps the puppies get used to noises and teaches them not to be afraid.

Nutrition is one of the most important parts of a puppy’s healthy life.  Not only after they are born and eating on their own, but before also, therefore all of our dogs are fed a good quality, premium dog food.  There are many premium and super premium dog foods to choose from!!!  We believe the type of food you feed your puppy will play an important role in the length of your dog’s life, as well as his/her overall health.  To help insure that your puppy lives a long healthy life, we recommend a lifetime of premium dog foods!  





In Loving Memory 

Ole Tessa's Melody  "Tessa"
(May 29, 1994 - Dec. 16, 2006)

Our Very Special Golden Girl,
who started our forever love affair with 
Golden Retrievers

  As our first golden, Tessa came into our home in July of 1994. We were new to the golden retriever breed, but knew that we wanted what was considered the ultimate family pet! Since the day she came home with us, she was  a member of our family. Spoiled in every sense of the word! She certainly surpassed all expectations of what a family pet should be! 

She was our true family heart dog!

We love you and miss you, Tessa.



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